3X3FIT G3 Rings basic with standard & long tension cords

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Helping thousands of people get into their best shape yet since 2010.  5 STAR RATED  (See reviews on "Total Body Sculpt" listing.

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(1) G3 Rings with 1 year warranty 

  • Ultra-Durable High-Tech Polymer Inside Ring (LIMITED EDITION BLACK or Traditional Turquoise option available)
  • SureGrip waterproof Outside Cover (washable with warm soapy water)
  • 1.5 lbs. weight of each ring
  • 1 year warranty (Value: $9.95 if purchased separately) 
  • 1 set – Standard short tension cords 
  • 1 set – Standard LONG tension cords (Choose based on height)
  • 75 Online Workouts Included 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This package does not include all the accessories you will need to perform the 75+ workouts.  We highly recommend you look at other package option "Total Body Sculpt" which includes additional accessories (73" POWERCORD & HINGEFIRM door adapter) needed to perform most of the 3X3FIT workouts.  See Fitness Shop for all accessories.

Each workout is a total body power sculpt & stretch  workout designed to target all large muscles groups including the often missed small muscle groups.  All workouts are designed for beginners to advanced levels. Beginners can do this the very first time!  There is nothing else like this!  The 3X3FIT patented system gives you assist to help you perform athletic level exercises you could not otherwise do.  Intense to the muscles but not difficult to do .   From stretching to power sculpting these workouts will help you achieve the results you are hoping for if you commit to a regular workout regime with 3X3FIT.  See “Getting Started” module on Home Page for tips on getting started, including Kim’s recommendation for a regular workout regime for beginners to advanced.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review