3X3FIT 73” Power Cords includes Light, Medium, Heavy & 4 Steel Clips

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Made in the USA.  Ships within 5 business days.

Included: 3 Power Tension Cords with 6 Steel Clips.

Power Cord:   Light Tension Cord including  (Great place to begin!)

Power Cord:   Medium Tension Cord (As you progress.)

Power Cord:   Heavy Tension (Advanced level and as you progress)  

Power Sculpt your entire upper body fast!

“I am super excited to bring to you what I believe could be the best overall workouts for power sculpting the entire upper body! These workouts are fun and easy to do, but do not mistake that for challenging to the muscles! And, it works fast to tighten, tone and shape your entire upper body fast! It is also a great program for rehab, but check in with your health care provider as every injury is different. It is an honor to workout with you. ENJOY!”
God Bless, Kim Marie Ross

Check it out!

Power Sculpt Arms - Super Sets 27 min workout  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i_ScHKVnKg&t=1051s

Upper Body Power Sculpt:1 min brief peak   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBJ4Dp948vo

Benefits of Strength Training

Benefit #1:  Maintaining Muscle Tissue. Around when you turn 30 years old, growth hormones decrease dramatically in the body. …

Benefit #2:  Increased Strength. Increased strength allows you to lift heavier objects. …

Benefit #3:  Improved Bone Health

Benefit #4:  Controlled Body Fat

Benefit #5:  Decreased Risk of Injury

Benefit #6   Lower abdominal fat

Benefit #7   Better cardiovascular health

Benefit #8   Lowered injury risks

Benefit #9   Strengthened mental health

Benefit #10 Improved flexibility and mobility


Power Sculpt Arms – Super Sets 27 min workout  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i_ScHKVnKg&t=1051s

Upper Body Power Sculpt:1 min brief peak   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBJ4Dp948vo




Important Note:  If you currently own original rings weighing .05 lb each, you will need to upgrade your equipment to commercial grade equipment G3 to perform these exercises.  The original rings were not made for the added force of the LONG Cords or 73" Power Cords.  Please see SHOP page to order G3 (1.5 lb each ring).


Power sculpt your entire upper body fast by adding the 73” power cords to your workout.

Target all upper body muscles groups quickly and effectively helping you to develop definition and strength.

Rivals any weight, dumbbell workout but without the jarring impact.

Bonus!  Your lower body is will be actively engaged throughout helping you to shape and sculpt the glutes and thighs as well.

Muscles Worked with Upper Body Power Sculpt workout:

  • Upper Back Muscles
    • Trapezius   Working the trapezius will help to sculpt the back of your shoulders. As a bonus, strengthening this muscle will also help to ward off back and neck pain - the sort of dull ache you get from sitting at a desk or computer all day.
    • Rhomboids (Posture muscles)
  • Shoulder Muscles
    • Deltoids
    • Rotator Cuff (Rotators)
  • Chest Muscles
    • Pectorals (This will help give the ‘bust’ a lift)
  • Arm Muscles
    • Biceps
    • Triceps (Back of the arms. The area women want/need the most help.  A muscle not used much in the natural course of daily activity.  Hence ‘flabby’.)
    • Forearm Muscles


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