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$19.95 & $22.95 subscription offer ends March 31, 2024.  Lock in now to maintain that rate.  All new subscriptions will go up April 1st.

Hydrating Firming Creme on Wood

"Nature Based" Neck Firming and Hydration Crème - 2.5 ounces USA Made

Complete replenishment and renewal with exotic oils/intensive moisture therapy along with powerful antioxidants and nutrients which may benefit the skin by preventing or slowing aging and cell damage, leaving skin nourished, silky and smooth.

Includes green tea extract which can actually decrease wrinkles, possibly slow down skin aging.

Antioxidants help neutralize the effects of free radicals, which are atoms formed in your body as a result of pollution or toxins that can damage cells.

Lasts an average of 30 days if only used on your neck, but feel free to use it on your face as well.  Women are seeing great results using it on their face all the way down to their chest. 

Neck Firming & Hydration Crème includes some of the best skin changing ingredients:

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Bergamot Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Green Tea
  • Vitamin E

• No Parabens or Phthalates
• No MEA, TEA or DEA
• No Glycols or Aluminum
• No SLS or other Sulfates
• No Dyes or Artificial Fragrances
• Ideal for Individuals looking to avoid toxins and questionable chemicals

Quality… only the highest quality and pure ingredients combined with quality assurance in manufacturing.

Effectiveness… innovative formula based in science that produces real results.

USA manufacture​r​ of products distributed to hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics all over the world. 

Antioxidants may improve the skin by:

  • reducing DNA damage from UV light
  • improving hydration
  • stimulating the production of collagen and elastin
  • reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation
  • supporting healing processes
  • reducing inflammation
  • softening
IMPORTANT NOTE: The jar is a 3-ounce jar with 2.5 ounces of Neck Firming & Hydration Crème.  It may appear that the jar is not full, however, it has a full 2.5 ounces and should last an average of 30 days.  However, many are also using it on their face as well and loving the results.  In this case it may not last quite 30 days.
PLEASE NOTE: This product contains nature-based ingredients which may have slight color variation from batch to batch.  This is due to various natural factors, including growing season, temperature, moisture, yield, time of harvest, and more. Be assured the performance and quality of the product remain the same regardless of the natural color variations.

SEE REVIEWS (Including before & after photos): Reviews (3x3beauty.com)


* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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How long will one jar expected to last?  It should be enough for 30 days.  If you choose to use on your face as well, you may consider purchasing two jars.


(62 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Neck firming

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 12th 2023

    I've used 3X3 neck firming cream for a few months and have notice firming on my neck. I am very pleased. I have not used in on my face.

  • 5

    Posted by Jennifer on Oct 18th 2023

    This little jar is worth its weight in gold! So full of natural and amazing ingredients that are good for your skin. Made in the USA and provide amazing results. It helped me clear up dermatitis from changing hormones and hydrates my skin leaving it soft and glowing.

  • 5
    Neck Firming & Hydration Creme

    Posted by Sheryl Anne Lehman on Oct 18th 2023

    I am so happy that I started using this product. I now use it on my face, before my normal routine too. I also started using it on my thighs which helps with the cellulite I think. Thank you for this Neck (and other places) Firming creme. GBYD ~ God bless your day

  • 5
    Neck Firming & Hydration Creme

    Posted by Melinda on Oct 3rd 2023

    Been using since April. LOVE! Wouldn't go without. My skin looks and feels so much healthier. I was using another brand that was 3X more expensive. Thrilled with the price of this neck creme. I also started using it on my face a couple months ago. What a difference! Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Neck Firming & Hydration Creme

    Posted by Sara on Oct 2nd 2023

    I just starting using this recently after receiving the 3-product deal. This has a pleasant scent and makes my skin feel soft. It's not greasy and leaves no residue. Very happy with this product. I am really loving the eye creme as well. I have never used anything special for my eyes so this is new for me. I am 45 years old and so far so good but just starting to see more significant lines around my eyes.

  • 2
    Neck Firming

    Posted by Mary Hopkins on Sep 30th 2023

    While I enjoyed the texture of the product, the scent was off-putting. I was happy it was all natural. However, after using it on neck and face for a month and a half, I saw no results on disappearance or minimization of neck or face wrinkles whatsoever. They all remained, alas. 3X3Beauty Response: First of all, I appreciate you trying it! As for the scent, most are loving the light (natural) vanilla bean scent, but I do understand some are ultra sensitive to any type of scent. One thing to consider is the Neck Firming & Hydration Crème is loaded with antioxidants. These are key to fighting off free radicals that damage the skin and cause wrinkles and destruction of the skin elasticity. So, while you may not have noticed subtle changes, it could be very instrumental in protecting your skin against further damage. Kim Marie Ross, 3X3Beauty Skincare developer

  • 5
    Neck Firming & Hydration Creme

    Posted by Geraldine Mennen on Sep 7th 2023

    ​I am enjoying the cream for my neck and I am using it on my face as well. I have noticed a smoother look in both areas. I have skin sensitivity and have had no issues. I would highly recommend this product.

  • 5
    Neck cream

    Posted by Jean h on Sep 3rd 2023

    Best product I’ve ever used on face and neck. Good value also.

  • 5
    Worked for me

    Posted by Amanda on Aug 30th 2023

    I’m 54 and happy to discover this cream. I noticed an improvement after one month.

  • 5
    Nature based neck firming creme

    Posted by Audrey on Aug 28th 2023

    Love love love this product! After seeing results on my neck, I started using on my face. Wow! Can’t believe how quickly I’ve noticed improvement. Others are noticing also. Started using on upper arms. Will see?

  • 5
    Neck Firming Hydration Cream

    Posted by Linda on Aug 8th 2023

    When I was in my thirties I began a skin care regiment. But, sadly it didn't include my neck. I'm now in my seventies and it was my neck that could give my age away. Unlike Diane Keaton, I am not a turtleneck person. When I was introduced to the Neck Firming cream, I really didn't think it would be able to erase the years of neglect to my neck & D'ecollete' . It didn't take long to see results. My wrinkles and creases are greatly reduced. I decided to try it on my face as well and have not been disappointed. I'm sold. I love the product. It's far less expensive than other products, it smells great and most importantly, it works

  • 5
    Neck Firming and Hydration Creme

    Posted by Connie on Aug 7th 2023

    The professional appearance of the product caught my eye. When my order arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the aromatic fragrance. It was not strong or overpowering to me nor my husband who is very sensitive to smells. It really glided across my skin and did not leave a feeling of heaviness like others I have tried. I was so happy with the product I bought several more to give as gifts to my book club gals! With Christmas around the corner I may need to buy another round for gifts.